How many IU should I take? (Example provided)

1 mg equals approximately 3 IU while 1 IU equals approximately 0.33 mg. The dosage depends on the goal. People generally use 2 IU per day for anti aging purposes, between 4 to 6 IU for bodybuilding, weight loss and fitness, between 8 to 16 IU is used for short duration to treat severe burns or recover after injuries. The dosage should increase gradually. Here is an example: Week 1 – 4 – 2 IU – one injection Week 5 – 2.5 IU – one injection Week 6 – 3.0 IU – divided into two injections of 1.5 IU each Week 7 – 3.5 IU – divided into two injections of 1.75 IU each And so on until you will reach the desired dose.

How to mix and inject growth hormone?

HGH injections: Growth hormone can be injected intramuscularly (IM) into pretty much any muscle or subcutaneously (SQ) – under the skin in the stomach fat area. Injections above the belly button are usually less painful than the ones below the belly button. When in liquid form, the somatropin molecules are very fragile. They easily get destroyed by heat (even room temperatures) and vigorous shaking. Some precautions are necessary – do not inject the water directly into the powder with force, do not drop or shake a reconstituted vial, do not freeze it and do not leave it out of the refrigerator for longer than a few minutes. Keep the freeze dried (lyophilized) growth hormone vials refrigerated as well.

HGH pills compared to HGH injections?

When doctors prescribe HGH, it is injected. Only HGH injections can deliver real results, any other form that you see advertised or run across is NOT true HGH. There are pills on the market that are sold as HGH release pills. These pills do not seem to have been scientifically researched. Most information about them comes from advertisers claims or the stories of people who have used them.

How to store HGH? What is the right temperature?

Choosing not to refrigerate the solution will lead to losing its potency. If you will store the HGH solution in a normal room temperature, then it will lasts for 24 hours. However, it will reach up to five weeks if you will continue to refrigerate it. The solution will still work once you store it in a right temperature. If you intend to use the solution for five weeks, then the better thing that you should do is to store it in a right temperature to maintain its potency. Best storage temperature for growth hormone is 2-8 °C.

How much muscle you gain by using HGH?

Each person’s body responds differently to somatropin and the results depend on many factors. If done in optimal conditions one can put on between 20% – 30% of lean muscle during a 4-5 months long HGH therapy. The results become noticeable after about 2 months of use. For first time HGH users: If your goal is to build muscle and this is your first time using HGH you are in it for some good times. Nothing gives a man greater workout motivation as being able to push through your previous muscle building limit. HGH will give you that.

Is it true that Growth Hormone causes cancer?

HGH does not cause cancer. I have no studies to back this up, however there is logic behind my claim. HGH is a “developmental” hormone, which makes the body grow, regenerate, develop. For decades it has been given to children with stunted growth – none of them developed cancer from it. Cancer is caused by certain unlucky combination of errors in the cell’s DNA. Every 10 years of human life, the levels of growth hormone in the body are halved. Babies are full of it, while elder people have barely enough to keep the metabolism running. So is there more cancer in children or adult/older population? I have personally been taking around 4 IU per day of HGH for over a decade, about 60% of the months on and 40% pause in between cycles – still cancer free as ever. I personally know probably more HGH users than any specialist doctor in this field. I have yet to hear about anyone claiming they got cancer and suspect HGH to be the cause. Also, there are no such claims to be found on the internet. Thus my conclusion is HGH cannot cause cancer. If anything, it will help prevent formation of cancer by rejuvenating the body’s immune system. Can HGH make an already existing cancer grow faster? Now that is a different question, completely. HGH generally speeds up growth of any cells whose purpose is to reproduce indefinitely (hair, nails, skin, etc.). Anything that can and wants to grow, might grow faster with HGH. If I already had cancer I would be inclined to stop taking growth hormone.

Is human growth hormone effective for anti aging?

Every time this question is answered on the internet it is always along the lines of “there have been no studies” or “there is no conclusive proof”. This is correct, if you want studies you will probably die of old age before you see them. If growth hormone was actually proven to repair the body and slow the ageing process that would be against the “big pharma” interests as their business depends on people constantly requiring medicine, to fight off all the aging related illnesses. The levels of naturally produced growth hormone in humans are reduced in half every 10 years of life. This means a 10 year old’s body produces 50% less HGH than a baby’s body. A 20 year old person would then have only a quarter when compared to the growth hormone levels in babies. In old age, there is barely enough HGH produced to keep the metabolism going. As the human body declines into old age, so do the levels of growth hormone (as well as several other hormones like progesterone, melatonin, DHEA, etc). Anti aging is the second most popular use for HGH There has to be a reason for all the anti aging clinics to keep prescribing it. If injectable growth hormone showed no results it would be long abandoned.

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